Milk Beach New Year’s Day

Every year on New Year’s Day a small crew from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs descends on Milk Beach in Vaucluse for one of the best beach parties around. Forget paying $400 a ticket to sip on champagne at Icebergs and don’t even think about stepping foot into Ivy Pool Club. If you’re looking for cool tunes and a relaxed crowd at a free venue created by Mother Nature, Milk Beach is your place. Head down with as much beer and cider as you can carry and you’ll find DJs playing on the sand, hotties dancing on the rocks and in the water, and the nautically blessed mingling from their boats. So whatever happens this year, wherever you end up – make sure you kick off next year from one of the harbour beaches that makes Sydney such a fucking awesome place to live.


  • Luke Carr says:

    The essence of the NYD’s Milk Beach community of spirited beach goers is embodied in your post. Great work!

    I hope to see meet you next year.

  • A great reminder that all you need is music, water and community for an awesome day.

  • Hi guys! this looks absolutely amazing!!

    I was wondering what happens on NYE in Milk Beach! Is there any party at all, or at least busy and crowded?? I don’t want to pay stupid $200…


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