Sunday Somewhere

When the sun finally makes its return to Sydney, we know what we’ll be wearing. Aussie eyewear brand Sunday Somewhere may have only just launched, but we’ve already got them on our Christmas list. Started by Dave Allison (COLAB eyewear) and Carlos Aviles (AM eyewear), the range features sunglasses and optical frames that focus on detail, quality, simplicity and originality.

What we like best about Sunday Somewhere is that they’re not influenced by trends. Their aesthetic draws on both the past and future to create a unique collection of eyewear that ranges from vintage to modern. And within these styles are some of the best round sunnies around. So check out their debut collection and get ready for one hell of a summer.

We chatted with Carlos Aviles from Sunday Somewhere who is also half of one of our favourite swimwear labels Seventh Wonderland.

TIL: Both you and Dave have a strong background in eyewear – was it always the plan to join forces?

Carlos: It was more natural progression rather than ‘plan’. The opportunity to do our own thing came about at the right time and it just made perfect sense for both of us. It’s kind of funny in hindsight because we were once flatmates who both obsessed over eyewear and worked for rival labels. The topic of eyewear in our house was actually off-limits as essentially, we were in direct competition. Thank god those days are well behind us.

TIL: We’re loving the name ‘Sunday Somewhere’ – what’s the story behind it?

Carlos: Sunday Somewhere is our perfect world. Evoking a hedonist lifestyle – who wouldn’t want SUNDAY everyday? It is both our mission and ethos to capture the “SUNDAY” experience.

TIL: Your first collection is a mix of vintage and modern styles, as well as some of the best round sunnies on the market. What was your inspiration behind the collection?

Carlos: We seek inspiration from our immediate world and reference many sources from vintage frames, films, images and then modernise with different techniques, materials/acetate colours etc. We called our debut collection ‘We Light Up’ as it symbolised new beginnings for us.

TIL: What types of materials have you used for the collection?

Carlos: Quality of materials and production is absolutely crucial to our brand philosophy and will always be our priority in the design process. We use only the best quality materials- acetates from Italy – lenses from France and hinges from Germany.

TIL: What’s involved in the eyewear design process?

Carlos: The process is both lengthy and technical. It really is a craft and needs to be executed with precision- attention to detail and use of quality materials are paramount. We are constantly learning new techniques. We just returned from a trade show in Hong Kong and are in the process of applying some of these learnt ideas into practice for our next collection.

TIL: Which styles from the collection will you be rocking this summer?

Carlos: Dave has either the Marshall’s or Heeyeh’s on high rotation while I’ll be alternating between the Matahari’s and the AKA’s.

TIL: Who would you love to see wearing your eyewear?

Carlos: We just supported the Park Life tour and a great mix of artists were rocking our frames – our faves were Little Dragon and Santogold. But it’s just as cool to be down at the beach or out on the streets and notice folks wearing something we created. That is the best feeling.

TIL: What’s your favourite spot in Sydney over summer?

Carlos: We both spend a lot of time outdoors at the beach and often head to Shady Pines or Sticky Bar with friends. The great thing about Sydney is the proximity to the most amazing coastline – both North and South. We often go on roadies and camping trips with our friends too.

TIL: Finish this sentence: People who wear sunglasses inside…

Carlos: Are usually a little strange. It is something that most people can’t get away with unless your name is Karl Lagerfeld or you live on the Jersey Shore.