La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia [Travel Guide]

Tucked away on the north-western coast of the captivating island of Sardinia is a pristine paradise known as La Pelosa Beach (Spiaggia della Pelosa), Stintino. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, fine white sand, and enchanting surroundings, La Pelosa is a true gem that enchants both visitors and locals. It ranks alongside Cala Goloritzé (located on the east coast of Sardinia about half way down the island) as one of the best beaches on Sardinia.

As you approach La Pelosa Beach, the first thing that strikes you is the mesmerising shade of turquoise that blankets the sea. The contrast between the vibrant blue and the powdery white sand creates a picture-perfect setting that seems straight out of a dream. We visited in 2018 during the busiest month of August when it was peak summer. There were no spots on the sand even though we arrived in the morning, so we set up on the nearby rocks. From the rocks we were able to walk directly into the sea, where it was surprisingly not very busy. It seemed like the sand was the prime real estate and once people had a spot, they didn’t want to leave, not even to cool off in the crystal clear waters.

When I travel, we’ll have beach days, shopping days and sightseeing days. It can be hard to find the balance, especially when you don’t have long in a destination. That’s what I loved the most about La Pelosa Beach – it literally combines all three. Not only is it one of the most beautiful beaches on Sardinia, it also comes with markets stalls selling swimwear and jewellery in the water, as well as its very own medieval watch tower.

The iconic Tower of La Pelosa

Once you’ve taken in the idyllic clear water, the next thing you’ll notice on La Pelosa is the silhouette of an imposing lighthouse standing tall on the horizon. The iconic Tower of La Pelosa, built in the 16th century, adds a touch of historical charm to the landscape. This tower once served as a lookout point to protect the coastline from pirates and invaders, and today it stands as a reminder of the island’s rich history.

Preserving La Pelosa Beach

To preserve the natural beauty and delicate ecosystem of La Pelosa Beach, certain regulations are in place. During the peak summer months, a daily limit of 1,500 visitors has been set. This proactive approach follows the high demand experienced before the 2018 regulations came into place when daily numbers soared to a staggering 4,000 on certain days.

To enjoy the sun-drenched shores of Pelosa, visitors are now required to purchase a ticket priced at €3.50. Additionally, regulations encourage beachgoers to bring mats instead of traditional beach towels. By opting for mats, which trap less sand, visitors contribute to the preservation of the beach’s immaculate condition. These thoughtful measures enable guests to enjoy La Pelosa Beach while safeguarding its natural beauty for future generations.

Beach regulations

Visitors are requested to adhere to a set of essential rules to protect its pristine beauty. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Bring a straw mat: To prevent sand from leaving the beach, it is mandatory to lay your towel on a straw mat. Rangers patrol the area to ensure compliance, and failure to have a mat may result in a fine.
  2. Smoke in designated areas: Smoking is only permitted in designated zones. Smoking outside these areas can lead to penalties, so it is important to be mindful of the designated smoking spots.
  3. Rinse your feet: Before leaving the beach, please make use of the numerous public fountains scattered along the coastline to rinse off your feet.
  4. Respect the natural environment: Taking shells, stones, or sand from La Pelosa beach is strictly prohibited, as it is for all beaches in Sardinia. Violations may result in fines. Familiarize yourself with the regulations for more information.
  5. No dogs allowed: Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted on La Pelosa beach. Please leave your furry friends at home on the day of your visit.
  6. Dispose of rubbish responsibly: Rubbish bins are conveniently available on the beach. There are no excuses for leaving litter behind. Please ensure you dispose of your waste properly and keep the beach clean.

How to book

To enjoy the idyllic La Pelosa beach from June to September, it is essential to secure reservations in advance. Booking your spot at La Pelosa is conveniently done through the Spiaggia La Pelosa website. Each reservation costs €3.50 per person, and you have the option to book for up to eight visitors. Children under 12 do not need to make reservations. Keep in mind, La Pelosa experiences high demand during the peak months of July and August.

TIL Tip:

Visit a local supermarket in town to purchase your beach mat. It will be far cheaper than the ones the vendors sell at the beach and you won’t have to worry about haggling.