Seventh Wonderland

If you’re not in the southern hemisphere, then I’d like to apologise in advance because one look at Seventh Wonderland’s latest swimwear collection will be a cruel reminder that there’s a summer happening somewhere. But it’s this very emotion that continues to inspire Sydney-based designers Bonnie Coumbe and Carlos Aviles. Through beautifully constructed swimsuits, they’ve created a world centred on escapism and dreams. There are glamorous laser-cut one pieces for lounging poolside, skimpy string bikinis for remote stretches of beach and nautical prints for those who’d like to call a super yacht home. More of a realist? Work yours on the grassy knoll in North Bondi or just crank the heating in your northern hemisphere apartment.

As the founder of THIS ISLAND LIFE, Laura is an expert on all things summer. When she's not at home in Sydney, she's chasing the warm-weather to exotic destinations across the globe.

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