Isabel Marant’s luxe high-top sneakers

When I first laid eyes on these Isabel Marant high-top wedge sneakers it was love at first sight. With multi-coloured panelled suede, a hidden three-inch wedge heel, velcro straps and chunky leather sole, it was the shoe of my dreams. But after selling out almost immediately worldwide, the romance was doomed from the start.

Word on the street was that Isabel Marant had a global waiting list so long they’d never be able to fulfil the orders. So it was no surprise when the highly coveted shoes started appearing on eBay for double the price with auctions reaching the $1,500 mark. Now I’m happy to spend that kind of money on an investment piece, but something didn’t feel right about splashing out that kind of coin on a pair of kicks.

A sizable wad of cash was separating me from totally owning the sports luxe trend, which gave me little choice. The high-street stores and a bunch of eBay shops had taken advantage of this footwear crisis and jumped on board with some really well made copies. I found a pair online for 60 bucks and even up close, you can barely tell the difference. Can you spot my copies amongst the originals below?




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