Tropical hanging plants by Mister Moss

When you live in a one-bedroom apartment like me, there are only so many plants you can own.  I’ve already got multiple foliage in every room – heck, I’ve even got a giant palm tree decal splayed across an entire wall. With plants on the floor, shelves, benches and balcony, I thought I’d reached my quota. That was until I came across cool hanging plants by Mister Moss.

These handmade moss balls will take your green thumb to a whole new level – not that you’d need to. Your hanging plant only requires a water dunking once a week, making it perfect for low maintenance gardeners. There are a variety of plants to choose from including my baby palm and spider plant, and handy herbs like oregano and parsley. Wrapped and suspended in neon coloured string, these babies are right on trend and just in time for summer.



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