For sale: Robinson Crusoe-style villa off Corsica

Coming in at just under €10 million, this incredible Robinson Crusoe-style villa is up for sale off the idyllic French island of Corsica. Designed by French-born architect Savin Couëlle (son of the architect Jacques Couëlle), the architect was best known for his organic approach to architecture. The villa is located in the south of the island of Cavallo – a private island off Corsica that’s just a short boat trip from my favourite island in the world, Sardinia.

Savin Couëlle also left indelible mark across the residential communities of Sardinia, with homes scattered across the island that pay tribute to his unmistakable signature style. The amalgamation of native stone, clay, and wood in his artistic and organic designs gives rise to a remarkable fusion with the surrounding natural landscape. His homes exude a rustic charm that pays homage to nature, seamlessly blending with the earth beneath them.

This Mediterranean island dream house is listed by Sotherby’s Corsica.