Paraty Beach House

While researching my end of year trip to South America, I stumbled across a cute little historical town in Brazil called Paraty. Apparently it’s known for its 19th century colonial architecture, but I can’t tell you a thing about that. I’m too busy imagining what my life would be like if I called this palatial beach house my casa. Maybe I’d be a Brazilian swimwear designer and use the beachfront pool to host collection launches. Or perhaps I’d dabble in some sort of illicit trade, making the boat-only access more of a necessity than a luxury.

Designed by Marcio Kogan, one of Brazil’s most influential architects, this is the house he predicted to be his favourite, before it was even finished. Now if I had to ‘work’ on one of the hundreds of islands located off the coast of Paraty, surrounded by lush Brazilian jungle and a private beach, I’m pretty sure this job would be my favorite too. What I like best about Kogan’s houses is that he stays true to his open-air philosophy and minimalistic style. Which as most of you know, is just how I like it.


  • So beautiful!! What an amazing design.

  • I want in. no really. can you steal a house??? maybe we could start to formulate a plan.

  • Wes Joseph says:

    That is freaking amazing. Maybe I can work for tour swimwear design business. Be the right hand man.

  • Can someone please formulate a plan so we can call this house our own?! We need to spend the summer there!

  • I think it’s funny you think about what job you would have if you lived in this house. If I lived in this house I’d just be a rich b*tch and do sweet FA all day long. In my opinion, if you’re rich enough to live in this house, you should be rich enough to not work (or at least let your wife be kept woman). x

  • Haha – good point Brigitta! I’m pretty sure I could keep mu self busy rearrange throw cushions and spritzing the palms. Hehe.

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