Island dreams can come true

Laura McWhinnie | This Island Life

Laura McWhinnie | This Island Life

This Island Life may have begun as a hobby, but it has now become an absorbing passion, fulfilling my dream to follow the summer to every exotic corner on earth and sharing my discoveries.

I am thrilled to announce that today This Island Life is joining The Remarkables Group – a blogger talent agency that manages partnerships between brands and bloggers. With the business end of my blog now being managed by my agent Lorraine Murphy, I can spend more time writing about what we all love. SUMMER!

I’ve been working with brands for a while now, so not much is going to change. I’m still only going to work with brands I love and products I believe in. And I’m still going to give you my honest opinion that is 100% my own and totally uninfluenced.

So get ready to discover more of the world’s best tropical beaches, swimwear designers, surf photographers, beach bungalows and bars, as we take the next step on this tropical adventure together.


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