The best waterfall in Canada

I’ve never been to Canada, but I’ve heard it’s an awesome place to live, especially in the summer. A group of guys I travelled with in Europe a few years back are based there and when they’re not doing backflips off yachts in exotic locations around the world, they’re exploring their home town. Their YouTube channel High On Life is one of my favourite places for travel inspiration. Whenever I feel like I need more epic adventures in my life, I check out what they’ve been up to. While jumping off rocks into waterfalls scares the shit out of me (see my Fiji meltdown), these guys will jump off anything, including ridiculously high waterfalls like this one just outside of Vancouver in Canada.

Lynn Canyon is about a 30-minute minute drive from downtown Vancouver. It’s home to this waterfall and natural water slide, and it’s a mecca for epic cliff jumping. Apparently it’s only safe for one or two months out of the year because of water levels and currents. And the water is meant to be freezing even in the peak of summer. Enjoy!