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TIL on Tour | Keramas Beach

We’re back from our incredible trip to Indonesia where we travelled around Bali and Lombok with Creative Holidays. To give you a little taste of what’s to come, take a look at our top 20 Instagram photos from our jam packed 10 days on tour.

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1. Seminyak Beach | Bali, Indonesia

Our first night in Bali – we hadn’t even made it to the hotel. We stopped by Coocoon Beach Club to take a shower and get changed for dinner so we wouldn’t miss the sunset.

This Island Life | Instagram

2. The Samaya Villa Seminyak | Bali, Indonesia

This beautiful resort was our base for a sunset shoot – as soon as the sun went down, we grabbed a table near the sand and ordered a round of drinks.

This Island Life | Instagram

3. Keramas Beach | Bali, Indonesia

It was pitch black when we arrived at Keramas for this sunrise shoot at the Oakley Pro Bali. At first light pro surfers like John John Florence and Mick Fanning were out warming up.

This Island Life | Instagram

4. Komune Resort & Beach Club | Bali, Indonesia

With the day turning into a lay day, the vibe at Komune was pretty chill. We took full advantage of the buffet breakfast and tried not to get star struck by the pro surfers eating around us.

This Island Life | Instagram

5. Komune Resort & Beach Club | Bali, Indonesia

The uploading of images never ends, but Komune’s wi-fi was being drained by the Oakley Pro Bali live broadcast – otherwise we would have made Keramas our office for the day.

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6. Keramas Beach | Bali Bali, Indonesia

This epic sunrise had us pumped for the rest of the day. We tried to get our videographer Jamil to join us for breakfast but he was deep in the zone.

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7. Komune Resort & Beach Club | Bali, Indonesia

Cooling off in the infinity pool at Komune in a fringed bikini top by Lychee Swimwear and mirror sunnies by Pared Eyewear.

This Island Life | Instagram

8. Kusamba Beach | Bali, Indonesia

One of the highlights of our trip was watching the sea salt harvesting at dawn on Kusamba Beach. Our photographer Lizi was in her element as the clouds and sun changed the shot every few minutes.

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9. Kusamba Beach | Bali, Indonesia

The sea salt harvesting in action – these guys work SO hard, trudging up and down the beach in the hot Indonesian sun to earn a living to support their families.

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10. Somewhere on the side of the road 

We asked our E.R. Tours guide where was good to eat and he took us to a roadside warung for breakfast after the sea salt harvest shoot. It was one of the best meals we had and only cost around $AU14 for four of us.

This Island Life | Instagram

11. Rice terraces in Ubud | Bali, Indonesia

With dramatic clouds, palm trees, mountains and tiered rice terraces we stayed here until it was pitch black and we had to use a headband torch to walk out.

This Island Life | Instagram

12. Rice terraces in Ubud | Bali, Indonesia

We were in Indonesia with Creative Holidays shooting and writing content. Meet the dream team – Jamil Hassan shooting vid and Lizi Hamer shooting stills.

This Island Life | Instagram

13. On the road to Balangan Beach | Bali, Indonesia

We were heading down to Balangan Beach for a shoot but a truck had overturned and was blocking the road. We pulled over and grabbed this awesome team shot and added the nicknames we coined on this trip.

Lizi = Ezy | That’s how the locals pronounced her name – it was super cute so it stuck.

Me = Gold | As the producer I was constantly on one of my two iPhones getting my Ari Gold on.

Jamil = Cobra | For something crazy he initiated that we can’t reveal just yet.

This Island Life | Instagram

14. Mount Batur in Kintamani | Bali, Indonesia

On the morning of my birthday we hiked up the volcano at 4am to watch the sunrise. As the sun peaked through the clouds we caught sight of neighbouring mountain Mount Agung and the island of Lombok as a misty fog rolled through.

This Island Life | Instagram

15. Mount Batur in Kintamani | Bali, Indonesia

Lizi and Jamil surprised me with birthday champagne at the top on the volcano – it was seriously the best birthday I have ever had.

This Island Life | Instagram

16. Batur Hot Springs | Bali, Indonesia

After falling in a crater up to my thigh and getting climbed on by a pack of wild monkeys (baby bananas are not safe snacks to carry) I was stoked to get to the thermal springs at the bottom of the mountain and chill in the warm water with my buddies.

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17. On the road | Lombok, Indonesia

We had just gotten off the boat from Gili Trawangan and picked up by our guide when we made a quick stop to check out the palm trees of my dreams!

This Island Life | Instagram

18. Single Fin in Uluwatu | Bali, Indonesia

We had our last meal in Indonesia at Single Fin in Uluwatu where we watched the sets roll in while sipping on icy cold Bintangs.

This Island Life | Instagram

19. Sanur Beach | Bali, Indonesia

We were shooting sunrise from the beach when we spotted an amazing shipwreck out in the ocean. I got my Ari Gold on and found a boat for the guys to shoot from. Note Jamil‘s palm tree hat.

This Island Life | Instagram

 20. Sanur Beach | Bali, Indonesia

Another incredible sunrise in Bali – I almost slept through it but got out of the hotel just in time. I ran down to the beach to find Lizi surrounded by Japanese tourists who were cheering her photography on like she was some sort of superstar.

This Island Life | Instagram

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