Drone froth from Hawaii

If you’ve been following THIS ISLAND LIFE on Instagram and Snapchat, you may have noticed our recent drone-flying obsession. Michaela (TIL Director of Photography) has been having lessons in preparation for a few of our upcoming trips, so we’ve been following the shit out our favourite drone-flying-camera-dudes.

Number one on our list right now is Eric Sterman. Having grown up in Hawaii, Eric captures incredible surf footage from Pipeline and other epic breaks around the North Shore of Oahu. The guys at Vocativ filmed Eric doing his thing over Hawaii’s clear aqua coastlines – if you thought the islands of Hawaii were spectacular from the ground, take a look at his aerial footage.

In this film, Eric He collaborates with renowned big-wave surfer Jamie O’Brien, who takes a GoPro into Hawaii’s tubes, while Eric shoots from above. What we love about Eric’s videos is that they don’t just capture the superficial beauty of Hawaii – they capture his passion, his love the islands, his respect for ocean and its animals, and his need to share it with the world.


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  • Hellll to the yeahhhh! Awesome stuff from Eric. Can’t wait to see what TIL comes up with!

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