Around the World in 80 Ways

For anyone travelling with young kids, the thought of a plane trip – particularly an international one – can induce heart palpitations. The very idea of enduring a public meltdown in a cramped space 30,000 feet above the ground, while other passengers ‘humpf’ and deliver pointed stares, is enough to send any parent into a state of sleep-deprived anxiety. It’s this fearful and common scenario that led Jane Tara – a mother of four, author and passionate traveller, to write Around the World in 80 Ways – a cool little guidebook for surviving and (gasp) even enjoying long trips with petit travellers. Funny and very down to earth, it includes 80 easy, lightweight ways to keep kids entertained and educated about travel, including games, trivia and activities. Of course, your kids may well prefer to kick the seat in front, scream like crazed banshees or throw their toys around the cabin like missiles – but if there’s one book that could potentially distract them, this is the one.

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  • one of the 80 things to do is dose them up with Valium

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