Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble

A few years ago I was invited on a crazy six-day trip to Eastern Europe with an incredible group of talented individuals. Amongst them was Ryker Gamble – a Canadian DJ that goes by the name of DJ Ramble who’s also one quarter of the High On Life crew. If you think I’ve got a cool job, wait until you see what these guys get up to. They’re four best friends with a YouTube channel that EXPLODED, who now get to travel the world having epic adventures that they document on the way. Just look at their recent penguin onesie party they had on a yacht in Croatia and you’ll see what I mean 🙂 These guys LOVE crazy cliff jumps and have been practicing their summersaults and waterfall stunts in pretty much every continent across the globe.

Among Ryker’s many talents and passions, are his mad DJ skills. One of the best nights our 30-strong posse of bloggers/vloggers/presenters/journos had in Europe, was cruising down the Danube River in Budapest on a boat with Ryker mixing up a storm. With the lights of Buda and Pest as our backdrop, the balmy summer heat in the air and ice cold beverages in our hands, there was no better way to take in DJ Ramble’s tunes.

We caught up with Ryker in between adventures to get the low down on his exclusive THIS ISLAND LIFE summer mix and favourite travel destinations.

Hear more from DJ Ramble on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Photography by DJ Ramble and High On Life.

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble

TIL: First of all, describe where you live?

DJ Ramble: I live by the mountains and ocean in Vancouver, Canada.

TIL: How does where you live influence your music?

DJ Ramble: Van is going through some interested waves in the EDM scene. We’re getting a big push for artists from across the world to play in our clubs. The influence from these artists is shaping how and what I play and can get away with in the clubs.

TIL: We love the mix you’ve put together for us – what was the inspiration behind it?

DJ Ramble: This mix is chill and fun and inspired by the music we curate on our new YouTube Channel “High On Life Sound”. Lots of tropical house, down tempo trap, and a bit of deep house vibes!

TIL:When did you first get the electronic music bug?

DJ Ramble: When I first decided to get into the DJing, my dad got turntables for me one Christmas along with a box of old school records. A handful of them were from the early 2000’s includingDJ Rocktakon, DJ Alligator, as well as throwbacks like Donna Summers, the Bee Gees, and a slu of overs.

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble

TIL: What music did your parents play?

DJ Ramble: I grew up in a pretty musical household. My dad was very into funk, soul, and old school, my sister studied jazz and contemporary, with a passion for indie, and my mom liked the Bee Gee’s and anything that could make us dance.

TIL: What’s the next big thing in electronic?

DJ Ramble: I think there’ll be a revolution in the EDM scene. It’s grown so big and worldwide with music festivals housing +100k people, there’s got to be a breaking point. I have no idea how it will happen, but my intuition feels that the music world will implode and go back to the sounds of our earlier generations… one can dream right! 😛

TIL: Any cool gigs and collaborations coming up?

DJ Ramble: Well… a few months ago, I was fortunate enough to open at Life In Color Vancouver for 5,000 people inside the PNE Coliseum. I opened for Vicetone, The Chainsmokers, and R3hab; definitely one of the most insane experiences of my entire life. Now onto bigger and better things!

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble


TIL: Is fashion important to music?

DJ Ramble: I’m probably one of the least fashionable DJs in this city, still rocking shirts from H&M from 2012, but yes, I think fashion and music go hand in hand. After all, it’s a form of expression right? What you see and hear all affect that.

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble

TIL: Do you prefer your ladies in a bikini or a one-piece?

DJ Ramble: I think the ladies that can pull off a one-piece successfully are astonishing. Bikinis are wonderful but they have to compliment the woman’s body; I’m not a fashion expert but there’s got to be a style, size, and fit that lets the person feel sexy and confident.

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble

TIL: What are your three favourite travel destinations and why?

1. Thailand – the local people are amazing, it’s an unreal place to meet travellers and share stories, and the best place to find adventure and let go of everything else going on back home.

2. Greek Islands – by far one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve been fortunate enough to experience. The beach life on Mykonos, Santorini, and Ios is straight up from a postcard! Oh, and the parties are world class to if that’s what you’re interested in.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru – exploring Incan Ruins can put life into a cool perspective. Everything you see is thousands of years old and yet the structures are in perfect condition and on top of a giant mountain! The spirituality and energy felt in Peru was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced… a must see for any traveller!

TIL: What’s your signature drink?

A double gin and tonic. I used to drink everything and have toned down a lot on what I intake. G&Ts are easy to make, they’re delicious and so refreshing for a hot summers day.

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Summer Sounds with DJ Ramble