Vintage fashion made easy

Vintage fashion is great, but not everyone has the time to go digging through racks or perusing the markets. Lucky for us, international vintage purveyor Kristy Barros does. Through her vintage collective Makers of Belief, Barros hunts out the best pieces from around the world, so we don’t have to.

No longer content working for some of Australia’s leading designers, Barros relocated from Melbourne to a port town in Chile called Valparaiso. There she was able to combine her two passions (vintage fashion and travel) into a collective that allows her to curate ranges for prominent Australian fashion retailers including Arabella Ramsay, Down Yonder and Sportsgirl, as well as her own in-house collections.

Barros made the most of her time in the Americas, scouring some of the best vintage markets across Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, San Francisco and Los Angeles for forgotten pieces of the past. Now back in Australia, Barros continues to deliver carefully curated collections that she sells through her site and eBay store. With one-off pieces and original classics making up her highly coveted collections, you’ll need to watch the Makers of Belief Facebook page like a hawk so you don’t miss out.

Sponsored by Chambord Australia.