The Protector

I think it’s pretty obvious that we have one serious We Are Handsome addiction here at TIL Headquarters. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, they have gone and added mini-dresses and leggings in alongside their signature one-pieces and string bikinis. Their latest collection titled The Memoirs, features pieces adorned with owls, hot air balloons and even a sweet little ski chalet scene. But what we’re most excited about is their reinvention of the Arabian horse from their first collection and the mesmorising new wolf print.

The team used scale and colour to make the wolf feel warm so she would be more like a protector, rather than a hunter. Wolves don’t have a great reputation (just watch the movie Frozen) and are generally considered to be primal scavengers – but they actually have maternal skills that far outweigh those of most other animals, and that’s what inspired this print and the reason behind its name The Protector.

I was lucky to wear the mini-dress version of The Protector to my birthday dinner, thanks to the very generous Jeremy who responded to my ‘I have nothing to wear’ meltdown in record time.

Thanks guys, Rihanna can wear it now. 😉

The Protector Moodboard
The Birthday Suit