Summer Teeth

Dane Renyolds is the best surfer in the world. He hasn’t won world titles, he hasn’t won comps and he doesn’t care. He has raw natural talent and creativity when it comes to surfing. No one can touch him.

This creativity translates to other parts of his life. He is a free-thinking, lateral, creatively minded individual, writing a brilliant blog called Marine Layer Productions – complete with hipstamatic styled vids of surfing, lifestyle and general crazy shit.

An offshoot of his hugely successful blog is his online clothing store called Summer Teeth.

Summer Teeth blends his awkward childish artwork and photography with old stock images – forming a collage/notepad style of designs, that the cool kids are going nuts for.  T-shirt, towels and accessories are the order of the day. Check it out if you care, we know Dane doesn’t.