Sally Fitzgibbons for Tara Wolf bracelets

Australian pro surfer and world number two Sally Fitzgibbons has become the face of a new chakra and zodiac jewellery collection by Aussie label Tara Wolf. I like the jewellery I wear to have a meaning behind it, so it’s nice to come across a brand that promotes a balanced mind and strong spirit.  Tara Wolf live by this ethos, making beautiful string bracelets that reflect the seven chakras of the body and twelve signs of the zodiac.

Each chakra bracelet has a different meaning and is designed to remind us about ourselves, our thoughts and our aspirations. Whereas the zodiac bracelets are all about being confident in your persona, proud of your character and aware of your spirit. I’ve been layering the crown chakra (beauty, creativity and inspiration) with my zodiac sign and love how they compliment the rest of my jewellery.

Pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons is one of their biggest fans and a brand ambassador. She draws on a bunch of different chakras like survival, stability, courage and confidence to bring balance in the surf. Sally follows the waves to exotic beaches all over the world so she gravitates to bright summer colours, matching her chakra and zodiac bracelets to her extensive collection of super cute Roxy bikinis. We spotted her wearing the root chakra bracelet (prosperity, courage and self-confidence) while on tour for the Roxy Pro in Biarritz, France. And with a current ranking of number two in the world, it looks like Sally has her chakras in check.