Sheepskin Booties

Sheepskin boots have been synonymous with surf culture since the seventies, but unfortunately they haven’t had the same associations with style. So when we stumbled across the new shearling booties by California-based footwear label OeTZI3300, we were confused. They may look like the perfect shoe to slip on after a dip in the cold ocean, but there’s nothing slipper-like about them. Made out of the finest sheepskin shearling, these women’s booties have mega long leather laces so you can wear them laced up high or folded down over the ankles.

OeTZI3300 are quickly gaining a reputation as makers of some of the most comfortable shoes in the world. They use lightweight materials to provide a cushioned ride that gradually moulds to the shape of your feet. The cork footbed actually reduces bacterial build-up so you can wear them without socks to get a natural sensation of walking barefoot while getting maximum support. We know what we’ll be popping our feet into after our next early morning surf.


  • These are awesome. They look super comfy.

    • Yeah, all their shoes are meant to feel as close to walking barefoot but with support. I think I’m going to get a pair in black – they are super cute.

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