MBFWA – Day Five


By the time day five of MBFWA rolled around, we were exhausted. Fortunately, the last day of the schedule is always considerably quieter than the back-to-back shows at the start of the week. There was really only one show on our radar and thankfully it didn’t disappoint. Suboo opened the day with an unexpected collection, ending our week on a high and leaving us dreaming about summer. We also had a chance to reflect on our biggest style crush of the week, Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling.


Known for making some of the cutest beach accessories around, Suboo made their ready-to-wear and swimwear debut at celebrity chef Michael Moore’s restaurant, The Summit on Level 47. Titled A Place in the Sun, the collection paid homage to the photography of the iconic Slim Aarons, capturing a glimpse of the lifestyle that embodies the brand. Neon chartreuse-coloured swimsuits, tangerine anglaise-perforated dresses and crochet-edged jumpsuits translated the complexities of high fashion into the every day. The result was a beautiful collection that we can’t wait to wear with a cocktail in hand and a pool in sight.

Images courtesy of Coco Lee.


As clichéd as it sounds, style is not something you can buy. If you attended MBFWA this year, you’ll know what we mean. Mixed amongst the naturally stylish were women hobbling on heels too high, sporting tans too orange, parading over-styled wedding hair and layer upon layer of designer accessories. So it was just as well that one Swedish fashion blogger was there to show them how it was done.

Elin Kling.

If you haven’t heard of Elin Kling, here’s a quick rundown.  As well as her blog Style by Kling, the ex-model is the co-founder of a digital media company and the fashion director for Swedish print magazine StyleBy. She has collaborated with numerous fashion brands including H&M, launched her own label Nowhere (available on MyCatwalk) and is one half of the partnership that founded NowManifest, an online platform that hosts blogs by people like Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely.

What we like about her style is that it’s her own. Casual and cool with a hint of edginess, Kling lives the less is more ethos down to a tee. Her MBFWA outfits reflect this and show her as someone who loves fashion, but doesn’t take it or herself too seriously.

Images courtesy of  Style by Kling and Vogue.

What I wore.

After a few too many afternoon wines, we realised we’d forgotten to take our daily shot. We raced outside with drinks in hand only to discover that the moon was already out and our camera battery flat. Luckily, the iPhone was there to save our fashion day.

Image by Jessie Dang.

SASS & BIDE singlet.

SASS & BIDE trench.

MAURIE & EVE suede shorts.

JEFFREY CAMPBELL ankle booties.