11:11 O’Clock, Byron Bay

My mum was born on the 11th of November at around 11am, so I’ve grown up with the 11:11 phenomenon. Basically, she’s one of those people who always happens to check the time when it’s 11:11 o’clock. Some people explain it as a coincidence; others believe it to be an auspicious sign or the signal of a spiritual presence. As a child, I never really questioned these continual occurrences; I though that 11:11 was just her thing. Well it turns out it’s also thousands of other peoples thing, and one of them owns an amazing boutique in Byron Bay called 11:11 O’Clock.

Now I don’t know if a higher power was at work, but when I stumbled upon this store, I knew the fashion gods had to be at play. And after meeting owner Ellie Connan, I wasn’t far off. She opened the boutique a year ago and is already gaining a cult following from grateful locals and city-folk, thanks to her exceptional talent for handpicking key pieces from labels like Rittenhouse, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Toggs, Strummer, Zimmerman, Nudie Jeans, Dr Denim and We Are Handsome. If you’re around Byron for the summer or are lucky enough to call the beachside town your home, I suggest you get down there quick smart.