Spa day at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

There’s no better way to wait for a tropical storm to pass, than from a luxurious open-air spa on top of a mountain. Now usually I’m all about that picture perfect palm tree weather, but not when I’ve got an epic spa day planned. The only way I can fully relax and unwind while I’m on a content creation trip, is when the weather is too bad to shoot. And luckily, our stormy weather day coincided with our spa day, so I could truly relax and immerse myself in this incredible relaxation experience.

Located on the remote island of Mahé, the spa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is perched high on a hillside surrounded by lush green jungle with incredible views across Petite Anse bay. Our couples treatment started with a special chakra massage using personalised essential oils. To choose the right oil for our massages, we were asked to close our eyes while inhaling deeply through our nose, each time smelling a different one of the seven oils. After an hour of having warm oil poured over and massaged into our bodies, we basically floated into our tropical bubble bath. It doesn’t get more relaxing than soaking in a private bubble bath at a luxurious resort, while watching the rain out over the Indian Ocean.

The weather gods were on our side that day because as we were chauffeured in our golf buggy back down the mountain for lunch, the rain stopped. We were so relaxed after our treatment that we chose to feast on the freshest local seafood by the pool where we could lounge on a luxurious day bed between courses.

The best thing about Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is that you don’t need to be staying there to enjoy their bars, restaurants and spa. If you’re there for a lunch, a dinner or a spa treatment, you can also enjoy the pool and private beach. And it’s good to know that even in stormy weather, you can still live your best luxurious island life.

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