Create perfect beach hair

Being half Greek has its benefits, but smooth, effortless hair is not one of them. Along with the olive skin, I also got thick, curly and frizzy high-maintenance locks.  Which is why when the Brazilian Hair Straightening treatments hit Sydney salons a few years back, I was quick to jump on board. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the results I expected and instead of lasting three-months like the treatment claimed, it actually has to grow out. My hair was left super flat, with zero volume and one year on, it still won’t hold a curl.  Well that was until my fabulous hair stylist Jasmine Connelley introduced the Babyliss Conical to my life.

Unlike conventional curling tongs, the Babyliss Conical has 25 different heat settings and a cone-like shape to create movement in even the most stubborn hair. And the result? Perfect beach hair that looks completely natural. The whole big, loose, sexy, smooth, Victoria’s Secret hair is great – but it doesn’t exactly scream casual.  The Conical creates an array of different waves and curls that allow you go off-duty with a bikini suitable look.

Curling straightened curly hair has never been easier ladies.

Shot on the iPhone 4 by our photographer Luke. Hair by our fabulous Sydney-based stylist Jasmine Connelley.

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  • Exactly the hairstyle I’d like to create on a daily basis! Could you please write what size of the barrel you chose? 25mm or 32?

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