Just when you thought you’d seen the last of dumpster chic, the derelict look is back with recession ready regrowth. Look around people, times are tough. We’re now cutting back on basics like trips to the salon. But from this new way of life, a ‘recessionista’ has been born: one who’s not afraid of change or pushing out a hair appointment. Two-toned hair has become acceptable and, as a result, a French colouring process called Balayage has been resurrected. Now, I haven’t seen roots this carefree since the technique first appeared on the Parisian scene back in the 1970s. Used to create a sun-bleached effect, Balayage has taken on a new look with hipsters heading into salons actually asking for regrowth. Sounds like you may need to cancel a hair appointment.

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  • i think this looks awesome!.. i spose it helps if you already look hot.. not sure this would work on gronks

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