Unlimited Wi-Fi data wherever you wander


Sponsored by WiWander.

As if coming back from vacay isn’t hard enough, imagine coming to terms with a massive mobile data bill while trying to settle back into a life where buffet breakfasts, epic adventures and sunset cocktails are no longer your daily reality.

While there are a bunch of ways around this like getting a local SIM, riding off the hotel Wi-Fi, or finding a mobile plan with reasonable international data rates, they all involve some form of hassle. No one wants to be running around trying to buy a local SIM, restricted by a data allowance, Instagramming on a sketchy connection or having the risk of going over your data allowance hanging over your holiday. I had a friend a few years back who got lost while shopping in Europe, checked Google Maps for a minute and came back to a AUD$800 data bill. It’s scary how quickly and easily it can happen.

That’s what I love about this new alternative by WiWander. It’s a pocket Wi-Fi router for Aussies travelling overseas that you rent, that makes it impossible to go over your data allowance because it’s unlimited. Instead of paying for your data, you pay a day rate and you can use as much data as you like. If you’re heading to Singapore or Taiwan it will set you back $5 a day, Thailand or Malaysia $12 a day, or $20 a day for the more pricier European countries.

My favourite WiWander features include:

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi data wherever you wander
  • Ability to connect multiple devices at one time
  • Acts as your own private portable Wi-Fi network

How to book WiWander:

  1. Book and pay online via wiwander.com at least five days before departure.
  2. Your pocket Wi-Fi router is delivered to your address at least one day prior to your departure.
  3. Enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi every day throughout your entire overseas trip.
  4. A courier collects the router from your address one day after you get home.

To find out more, visit wiwander.com