Surfing in Uluwatu, Bali

Bali is an island for everyone. Families spend their hard earned savings at a relaxing resort around Nusa Dua or Seminyak, hard-partying twenty somethings descend on the beaches, hotels and nightclubs of South Kuta, while the dedicated surfers migrate to the southern peninsula of Uluwatu.

Each year, this renowned area attracts thousands of advanced surfers from every corner of the globe, pursuing their lifelong quest for the perfect wave. The atmosphere is electric and people are happily helpful.

The paddle-out at Uluwatu point is confronting enough to scare the pants of even the bravest of souls. Surfers climb down a few hundred stairs that lead to a hollow, wide cave. On high tide you literally begin your paddle through this dark cave without seeing the exit. When you do get into the line-up, there are three main breaks to chose from; The Peak, Racetracks and Temples. Between the three, there is a huge variety of waves to choose from. Just watch the paddle back in at high tide; it’s tough to spot the cave entrance and before you know it you can float half way to Kuta.

Accommodation in Ulutatu is beautiful and affordable. You can steal a classy 7-10 person villa on the cliffs, overlooking the line-up for around $100 each per night. You won’t find loud and drunk tourists around this area when the sun goes down, just a bunch of exhausted surfers sitting in a bar, sipping a bintang, chatting about a day of unforgettable waves.

Uluwatu embodies the surfing subculture. A combination of world-class waves and a multicultural mix of like-minded adrenaline junkies makes Uluwatu an unforgettable experience for surfers and travellers alike.