Summer in Hawaii

Ka'anapali Beach - Maui, Hawaii.

Ka'anapali Beach - Maui, Hawaii.

On our way back home to Sydney, we added some serious island life into our itinerary with a week in Hawaii.  We split our time between Maui and Oahu, and discovered that Hawaii is like no other place in the world. Palm-fringed beaches with world-class surf breaks hug a coastline that wraps some of the most spectacular scenery we’ve ever seen. You can find breathtaking volcanoes and waterfalls just a few hours drive from high-end fashion boutiques and award-winning restaurants.

Life on the islands is pretty chilled. We hired a convertible Jeep and explored the islands while working on our tan. The biggest decision of our day was choosing a bikini and the only time we got caught in traffic was because a bunch of sea turtles were sunning themselves on a strip of sand by the road. When we weren’t relaxing, we were hiking up mountains, kayaking out to islands, getting our SUV stuck in parking spots and doing a sunglass shoot with an exotic Macau.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing the adventures from our summer in New York City, Boston, Las Vegas, Venice, Los Angeles and Hawaii. Because it’s always summer somewhere.™


Ka'anapali Beach - Maui, Hawaii.

Ka'anapali Beach - Maui, Hawaii.

Cruising in Oahu, Hawaii.

Sea Turtles in Oahu, Hawaii.

The east coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

Shopping in Oahu, Hawaii.

Macau - Maui, Hawaii.

Shrimp truck - Oahu, Hawaii.