Chatting with Mamamia and Body+Soul

When I started This Island Life 10 years ago it was just meant to be a hobby. Another creative outlet for me to share my writing and my passions. It was before platforms like Instagram even existed, so I never dreamed that it would turn into a business. I count myself extremely fortunate to be able to work as an influencer and content creator. But that all came crashing down when the coronavirus crisis started sweeping the globe earlier this year.

While the influencer industry is just one of the many industries affected, it’s a space that people are continually curious about – especially as a travel influencer. The question I’m constantly being asked is, can the influencer marketing model survive and if it does, will it ever be the same?

So with travel out of bounds, sponsorship deals on-hold and brands pulling budgets, I chatted with both Mamamia and Body+Soul about what the influencer industry looks like in this new economic era.

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