Five of Australia’s Best Beaches

Sydney's top 10 harbour beaches | Kutti Beach

Here in Australia, we have access to some of the most incredible beaches in the world. So as we edge closer to the most epic season of the year, here are five of my favourite Australian beaches to explore this summer.

1. Kutti Beach, Vaucluse

Tucked between Parsley Bay and Watsons Bay, Kutti Beach is not easy to track down. Located at the end of Wharf Road next to the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Club, beach access is down a narrow staircase. Follow it and you’ll discover a small row of beachfront mansions and their boathouses joining a perfect stretch of golden sand. Read more.

TIL tip: If you’re feeling cheeky and the sailing club is closed, swim out to their private deck and use the harbour as your own personal swimming pool.

Sydney's Top 10 Harbour Beaches | Kutti Beach

2. Bondi Beach, Sydney

Needing no introduction, the famous Bondi is an eclectic little suburb by the sea that attracts an interesting mix of people.  It’s a base for designers, creatives, surfers, travelers  tourists and people who have been living there for 50 years – creating an explosion of different styles and a dream locale for people watching.

TIL tip: If the beach is super packed, swim where the locals cool off and head over to ‘Flat Rock’ at North Bondi near the boat ramp. 

This Island Life | Bondi Beach

3. Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

Nestled in between Coogee and Clovelly beaches is Gordon’s Bay – a quiet tranquil spot that’s like having your very own giant pool. The small pocket-sized beach is lined with timber boat racks and boats, giving it a vibe reminiscent of a European fishing village. Read more.

TIL tip: Just around the corner from Gordon’s Bay is local burger joint Out of the Blue. These guys make some of the best burgers around, but are particularly famous for their signature fish burger. Grab one on your way down to Gordon’s Bay and work it off floating around the bay. 

Gordon's Bay | Sydney Beaches

4. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Located on Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is hands down one of the most incredible beaches you will ever set foot on. The water is a clear aqua blue and the white silica sand is so soft you can use it to polish your jewellery and exfoliate your skin. It’s no wonder it tops lists across the globe as one of the best beaches in the world. Read more.

TIL tip: For the best views on the island, head up to the lookout in the national park to see ‘Hill Inlet’ – a beautiful cove that creates swirling patterns with the white sand and turquoise water as the tide shifts.

This Island Life | Whitehaven Beach

5. Belongil Beach, Byron Bay

Just north of Byron Bay lies Belongil Beach, a long strip of powder-like sand that’s even more laid back than the famous neighbouring beaches of Byron Bay. If you’re looking for less crowds and more towel real estate, this is your place. Read more.

TIL tip: Head up to The Treehouse on Belongil Beach for cold beers and delicious food.

THIS ISLAND LIFE | Queensland and Byron Bay