How to make frosé – the ‘IT’ drink of summer

This Island Life | How to make frosé

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If you haven’t heard of frosé yet, I’m about to blow your mind. It’s frozen rosé slushie. That’s right, a slushie made out of delicious wine that is THE drink of the summer season. While there are many different frosé recipes to try that include adding fresh strawberries or watermelon, I have kept my recipe simple, as I wanted to taste the notes of Le Petit Rosé.

I chose to use Le Petit Rosé because I’m a big fan of rosé from the Provence Region in France. Le Petit Rosé is made from Australian grapes by Australian winemakers, but captures the style of French rosé, so it’s got the same dry, crisp and refreshing notes. It’s also the style of rosé that works best in frosé. When you start combining the sweeter style rosé with fresh fruit and other ingredients, it becomes a sugar bomb and you lose the flavour of the rosé.

And because I’m obsessed with coconuts and everything relating to island life, my recipe of course has a coconut twist. I hope you love it as much as I do.

This Island Life | How to make frosé