David Prichard Photography

When I went to pick up my tourist visa from the Brazilian Consulate, I was preparing for a confrontation of the bureaucratic kind, not of the arrestingly beautiful variety. But there in front of me was a collection of images titled ‘Strength and Beauty’ by Australian photographer David Prichard – images from the very country I was preparing to visit. And although I was yet to set foot in Brazil, I felt an immediate connection to the subjects and their surroundings.

I needed to know more, but this guy was old school. No online portfolio, no blog, no Flickr, no nothing. I imagine him as the kind of man who has little time for computers, heck – look at his photos, he clearly has more exciting things going on than his next blog post.

After getting in touch with David, I discovered his images were from a small seaside town in Rio de Janeiro called Búzios, and they’re just the tip of the collection. David’s been travelling to Brazil for almost 20 years and he’s currently working with the locals to produce a book on the area. And if his recent exhibition is anything to go by, it’s only a matter of time before Búzios finds its way into your next itinerary.