Keep your home sand-free this summer

This Island Life | A sand free home with Dyson

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While I love summer and everything that goes with it, one thing I cannot deal with is having sand all over the floor of my apartment. I am pretty OCD when it comes to cleaning – I like my apartment to be perfectly made up like a hotel suite at all times. I have slate floors, so if I bring back sand from the beach, it gets walked all over the apartment and ends up in my bed and throughout my thick wool rugs.

My floor cleaning routine used to be sweeping and then steam mopping. I had a pretty decent vacuum cleaner when I moved into my apartment, but the style of it was traditional and old-school – one of those ones on wheels with cords and a million chunky attachments. I had to give it away because I didn’t have anywhere to store it. I knew I needed a new vacuum, but it had to be streamlined. There was no way I was giving up precious bikini storage for a piece of cleaning equipment, no matter how much I love everything to be super clean.

When Dyson asked me to trial their top of the line handstick vacuum, my sand-covered floor was ready – there’s only so much sand a dustpan and broom can sweep up. Not only is the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless and super compact, it’s also crazy powerful. I thought my apartment was pretty spotless until I used the Dyson V8 Absolute for the first time – what came out of my wool Armadillo ‘Sierra Weave’ rug and West Elm ‘Kasbah’ rug was nothing short of terrifying. The battery lasts for 40 minutes (on fade-free suction), and on that first vacuum, I used it until it went flat.

This Island Life | A sand free home with Dyson

Honestly, if I had known how much joy a Dyson handstick vacuum cleaner could give, I would have bought one years ago. My apartment is now next level clean – there is literally an attachment for everything, even one for vacuuming delicate areas like the keyboard of your computer. I actually left this ‘mini soft dusting brush’ attachment out of the shoot because I somehow missed it in the box and almost ended up recycling it with the cardboard boxes. Now that I have found it, it has become my number one tool for cleaning the surfaces of my apartment.

The Dyson V8 Absolute retails at $849. Check out the rest of the amazing Dyson handstick vacuum range.

This Island Life | A sand free home with Dyson