What $6 million gets you in El Nido

This Island Life | Private island in El Nido for sale

While writing up the last of my stories from my incredible trip to El Nido in the Philippines, I stumbled across a private island in El Nido for sale. While I’ve had some amazing island-hopping trips around the world, there’s something special about El Nido that is hard to describe – it’s a place that left a deep impression on me. So if I had some serious spare cash lying around, as much as I love Sydney, I would not be buying property on  my home island. I’d be packing up my bikinis and buying a one-way ticket to Mystery Island (or known locally as Maosonon Island) in El Nido.

Listed at a cool US$6,000,000, Mystery Island is 453,890 square meters of sweet island paradise. There are palm-fringed beaches with powdery white sand, hidden rocky coves, lush tropical jungle and a bonus baby island that’s shaped like a teardrop. Might be time to find a crew of island-loving friends who want to pool their funds… 😉