Europe, here we come!

We’re super excited to announce that this week we’ll be following the summer to Eastern Europe with Contiki. With the cold weather setting in over Sydney, we thought we’d chase the warm weather somewhere different this year with an adventure to Budapest, Vienna and Prague.

Because we’ve only got a week, we called on Contiki to help us out. As someone who has never been on an organised tour, I’m interested to see how their itinerary will match the level of cultural exchange I would expect from doing my own thing. We can’t wait to lounge by the baths in a bikini in Budapest, sip on schnapps while perusing the local designer markets in Vienna and cruise the Vltava River and hit up underground bars in Prague.

We’ll be live blogging from the road, so make sure you join us on our European summer vacation. And no, Chevy Chase is not invited.


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