Summer Sounds with DJ Brevil

If you can’t chase the summer, here’s the next best thing. Byron Bay-based DJ Brevil has put together an epic summer mix exclusively for THIS ISLAND LIFE. Crank the volume, close your eyes and imagine you’re lying under a palm tree sipping on an icy cold coconut. Having recently made the move from Bondi Beach up the north coast, we caught up with DJ Brevil to get the lowdown on summer travel, musical influences and the coastal village he now calls home.

TIL: First of all, describe where you live?

DJ Brevil: I have recently moved to South Golden Beach in Northern NSW, which is 20 minutes north of Byron Bay. It’s a very small coastal village with a couple of sealed roads and a general store. I’m one street away from the most amazing and peaceful stretch of Australian beach imaginable. I am house minding a friends amazing Balinese inspired beach retreat set in tropical gardens.

TIL: How does where you live influence your music?

DJ Brevil: The Northern NSW area is a magic place on the planet and if full of very talented musicians, dj’s and studio producers and in the short time I’ve been up here I’ve been able to do some amazing gigs and studio sessions. In time I think I’ll be able to really tap into the magic that exists here. And as a side note, starting the daily studio session with a walk along the deserted beach does wonders for the mind.

TIL: We love the mix you’ve put together for us – what was the inspiration behind it

DJ Brevil: I have to say that I was excited to do this mix for THIS ISLAND LIFE so this mix really is inspired by those lazy afternoon gigs round a pool or backyard or on the beach with a fat sound system and some good people to party with. I like to start at around 105 bpm’s and bring the crowd with me to a 120bpm high and drop it back again, then repeat it again, and again. Some of my most fav DJ sets have been afternoon slots where the groove is lazy and bodies sway to the dubbed out beats. Keeping a daytime crowd interested and involved in the music is often harder than a juiced up midnight crowd.

TIL: When did you first get the electronic music bug?

DJ Brevil: I learnt the violin at an early age in the 70’s, so when ELO appeared on the scene I was hooked, I painted my violin white and stuck a bug in it, I was away. Since then I have loved electronic and organic music.

TIL: What music did your parents play?

DJ Brevil: My mother introduced me to Gordon Lightfoot and CSNY and Cat Stephens and other early folk stuff. My dad loved the Beatles so that was always playing in the house.

TIL: What’s the next big thing in electronic?

DJ Brevil: Oh without a doubt the Brevil back catalog will be discovered and will change the industry forever (I produce under the name Brevil).

TIL: Any cool gigs and collaborations coming up?

DJ Brevil: As mentioned I produce and release electronic disco and funk and house inspired tracks under the name BREVIL thru my own label “Electric Larry Records“ exclusively through UK music site Junodownload. With the move away from Sydney and relocating to Byron, I’m working less and spending more time in the studio. I have a huge stack of almost completed tracks unlike I’ve ever had previously so this year should see lots of releases both thru Electric Larry and beyond as I’m starting to shop my productions out. Gig wise, it’s very exciting at the moment, as I’ve just hooked up with a north coast party promoter who’s very interested to use me for events.

TIL: Is fashion important to music?

DJ Brevil: It is, but intimately it’s always about the music. But as an ex “rockabilly “ slap bass player, it would be wrong to say that fashion doesn’t play a large role in the industry.

TIL: Do you prefer your ladies in a bikini or a one-piece?

DJ Brevil: A bikini is probably my favourite.

TIL: What are your three favourite travel destinations and why?

DJ Brevil:

  1. LA – Love the people, the vibe, the food and the music scene.
  2. Kovalam (southern India) – again the food, the beautiful spirit of the Indians, the casual beach lifestyle and the party scene is crazy there.
  3. Australia – I have been very fortunate to travel around Australia hundreds of times because of a 30-year music career and have seen just about all it has to offer. The desert/beach combination of the Gnaraloo area is stunning as is the deserted west coast of South Australia. This island of ours is the best island on the planet.

TIL: What’s your signature drink?

DJ Brevil: Beer. It asks so little of you yet gives so much back.

Track List

Duff Disco – Eagle Flight  (intro)

LTJ – You Will Know

Brevil – Hit

Voodoo Whiskey – Sunset Groove

Psychemagik – Feelin Love

Brevil – Lenny Jackson’s Love

Nicholas – The Way

Brevil – Sexy

Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper ( disconet mix )

Kathy Diamond – All Woman (Dub)

Ray Mang – Prozac

D Train – Keep On Movin ( Space Rangers edit )

Nicholas – I Got It

Russ Brown – Find A Way ( Leftside Wobble Dub)

LNTG – Do I Believe in God “snippet”

Brothers Young – Inferno

Buzz Compass – Don’t give up

In Fragranti – Disc-O-mat

Chewy Rubs – Sunshine Hotel

LNTG – Out On The Floor

Dr Packer – Feel Like Dancing

Brevil – Happy

Barna Soundsystem – Getting Hot

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