Win this summer resort necklace

The vibrant Bay & Fyfe scarves featuring art from artist Daimon Downey that we put on your radar earlier this year have become the starting point for an exciting collaboration. Bay & Fyfe have teamed up with one of our favourite online boutiques The Grand Social to bring to life ‘WHERE ART TAKES US’ – a collection of one-off pieces using re-constructed art scarves by five of Australia’s up and coming fashion designers.

Each designer was given free creative rein to express themselves and their label through the scarves and the results are spectacular. All five pieces are special in their own right, but there’s one in particular that’s captured our attention. Jewellery designer Laura Byrne from her label ToniMay has created a serious statement piece with a cool summer resort necklace. Laura explains the piece as a hybrid accessory that flirts between being a necklace and scarf. She’s paired the brightly coloured horse print and pastel wolf print scarves with chunky crystals to create a piece that has the ability to completely transform an outfit. When we asked Daimon what kind of outfit would work best with the necklace, he said:

In a flash I just imagined Miranda Kerr in her two-piece swimmers, wearing the necklace on a fuck off boat in St Tropez holding a big glass of Rosé winking at me.”

During August, the generous folk over at The Grand Social are giving you the opportunity to recreate Daimon’s vision with the chance to win your favourite one-of-a-kind piece. Following the draw the four remaining pieces will be up for sale on The Grand Social with the proceeds donated to charity.

To view the rest of the collection and to register to win, head over to The Grand Social.