The ultimate island home

Forget panoramic water views, this beach house is all about panoramic palm tree views. Located on the tiny island of St Barthélemy in the French West Indies, the six-bedroom home is the work of architects Kathy Adam and Lesley Batchelor and interior designer (former fashion editor for British Elle) Alisa Thirty. Their goal was to create simple luxury with an edge. By mixing symmetry with informality and expanses of pure white with dark louvred doors, the trio have done just that.

This is how you make the most out of a breathtaking location.  From the moment you walk through the front entrance, the view is to the ocean. With virtually no barriers between the indoor and outdoor areas, it’s a place where life is spent barefoot. But like many islands in the Caribbean, this one is smack bang in the middle of a hurricane zone. Luckily, this beach house has been built with the volatile climate in mind. The interior spaces can be closed off from the exteriors through the use of cleverly designed features like double-height louvered doors.

With a sparkling pool, chic daybeds and some of the most magnificent palm trees we’ve ever seen, this beachfront home is the ultimate in island living.

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