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There are few things I love more in this world than summer travel, which is why I take packing for my trips super seriously. In the lead up to a trip, I always get into a panic that I’m going to forget something. But as long as I remember to pack the essentials, I can live without things like that extra bikini.

That’s where Australia Post’s Travel Essentials products come in. They’ve got jet setters like us covered with Travel Insurance, Foreign Cash, Multi-Currency Travel Cards, a Prepaid TravelSIM and their super handy Mail Hold service, all in the one place.

Over the years, I’ve used most of Australia Post’s Travel Essential products, but it’s their Prepaid TravelSIM that holds a special place in my heart. As a travel blogger, I am obsessed with posting to my social channels and totally freak out when I don’t have access to Wi-Fi on my mobile. While I have a mobile plan that includes global roaming for $5 extra per day, it doesn’t cover every country. Last year I flew to Singapore to review an epic cruise ship and to do an Instagram takeover for the company. I checked that Singapore was covered in my global roaming plan and thought I was good to go. But a day into our cruise we crossed over into Malaysian waters (rookie error, I know), which was not included in my mobile plan. Having already made a commitment to a certain amount of live Instagram posts per day, I had to foot the crazy international data costs.

Not keen to spend my duty-free shopping money on a mobile bill again, I made sure I did my research before my next trip. So now I pack an Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM on every trip – that way I can call, text and Instagram to my hearts content while I’m travelling.

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This Island Life | Australia Post | Travel Essentials

Win a travel adventure with Australia Post

Because Australia Post are experts in all things travel, they are giving you the chance to win $5,000 each week for eight weeks and a trip to do it all again with their ‘My Holiday Flashback’ competition. Whether it’s a holiday that was so great you want to relive it again or one that didn’t go as planned, Australia Post want to know about it!

I recently came back from Palawan Island in the Philippines where I had the most amazing holiday with my boyfriend. We stayed in on a private island in a luxurious over-water bungalow, where there were incredible sunsets, picturesque lagoons and hidden beaches. So for me, it would be heading back there to do it all over again and explore some of the surrounding islands we missed like Coron.

Entering to win your own holiday flashback is easy; simply upload your travel story and photo at

Hurry, this competition closes 15 May 2016.

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This Island Life | Australia Post | Travel Essentials


As the founder of THIS ISLAND LIFE, Laura is an expert on all things summer. When she's not at home in Sydney, she's chasing the warm-weather to exotic destinations across the globe.

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