A sweet summer mixtape

We’re excited to bring you our very first summer mixtape put together by local Sydney DJs Scruby and Milo Firewater. They’ve created an exclusive mix for you guys that’s a little bit party, a little bit poolside – so next time your out and about in the summer sunshine and in need of tunes, you’ll have something cued up and good to go. I’ve had this on repeat since the boys sent it to me and feel like slipping into a bikini as soon as I hit play. We caught up with the boys in Bondi and got their lowdown on life in Sydney, musical influences and parties on boats.

First of all, describe where you live?

Scruby: Bondi. I can’t be too far from the beach… I have to get my daily surf fix!

Milo Firewater: Bit away from Bondi Beach now. I’m up in Bellevue Hill. Still have an amazing view of Bondi and the harbour from up there. Perfect way to start the day.

How does Sydney’s laid-back beach lifestyle influence your music?

Scruby: Being close to the beach, most of my time is split between being in the water and in the studio. Nothing beats going for a paddle to clear your mind ready for a studio session.

Milo Firewater: Totally influences it. I wrote a lot of darker tracks back in the UK. Minor chords, really bass heavy. Never gonna completely get away from that – but I have to say my stuff it much more “optimistic”.

We love the mix you’ve put together for us – what was the inspiration behind it?

Scruby: These are the tracks that I’m loving at the moment. Plus I managed to sneak one of my new ones in there.

Milo Firewater: Actually just got back from a bucks weekend on a house boat up at the Hawkesbury. They were the favorite tracks for chilling out on the top deck – sun, larking around, back-flips into the water and drinking amazing wine.

When did you first get the electronic music bug?

Scruby: I’ve been playing with music ever since I was at school. While everyone was playing on their triangles I was out back sampling old school rave mix tapes. I didn’t start DJing professionally until 2000 though and only began producing last year.

Milo Firewater: Used to (and still do sometimes) play bass in rock bands. Always got frustrated by how hard it was to bring a band together – so took it upon myself to start creating whole tracks myself.

What music did your parents play?

Scruby: My dad was actually a DJ back in the day. He was into funk and soul. When I was at uni I used to come home for the weekend to find a new pile of house records ready and waiting.

Milo Firewater: Fleetwood Mac, Stones, 10cc, Kinks – that kinda thing. Gave me a real ‘rock and roll’ sense of music creation.

What’s the next big thing in electronic?

Scruby: Milo and his motion controlled instruments and FX.

Milo Firewater: Ha, it’s just the beginning. The line between audio and visual stuff is gonna become indistinguishable soon. People are gonna feel more like part of the show and less like simple observers.

Any cool gigs and collaborations coming up? Scruby – we hear you’re playing at a boat party on Sydney Harbour this weekend!

Scruby: Yep, I’m opening the top deck of the Frantic Boat Party this Saturday (16th Nov) and also playing at the Burdekin that evening for All About The Music. On the collaboration side, I’ve got projects on the go with Milo as well as a few other Sydney based producers.

Milo Firewater: Just finished off a remix for a Sydney based singer, Lanrae. Uploaded it here https://soundcloud.com/milofirewater/lanrae-crocodile-milo She was one of a bunch vocalists I used on my last album – http://milofirewater.com/linchpin-new-album/

Is fashion important to music?

Scruby: Behind the decks… yes. In the studio… no (comfort is king).

Milo Firewater: Its more important on the girls – that’s where everyone is looking!

Do you prefer your ladies in a bikini or a one-piece?

Scruby: Bikini.

Milo Firewater: Have to agree – no comparison really.

What are your three favourite travel destinations and why?

Scruby: 1. Anywhere I can surf without crowds. 2. Stratford upon Avon, UK. My home town. 3. Bora Bora. My dream destination.

Milo Firewater: 1. Paris 2. Lady Elliot Island (look it up… it’s amazing) 3. Toyko.

What’s your signature drink?

Scruby: Café Patron.

Milo Firewater: Ol’ Fashioned w. spiced rum.

Scruby Mix

Fill Me Up – Scruby
New Day (Original Mix) – Andre Crom
Careless (Original Mix) – Dusky
Nobody (Original Mix) – Jay Lumen
You Can Do It (Original Mix)- Groovebox

More from Scruby: https://soundcloud.com/scruby

Milo Firewater Mix

Safia – Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues
Justin Martin – Don’t Go
Active Child – Subtle (ft. Mikky Ekko)
Lane 8 – So Much
Daughter – Youth (Alle Farben Remix)
Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Alba – Knokke
Kelela – Floor Show [Prod. Girl Unit]
Milo Firewater – Same Page (Scruby Remix)
Clubroot – Lucid Dream

More from Milo Firewaterhttps://soundcloud.com/milofirewater

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