Claire Lloyd | My Greek Island Home

My Greek Island Home

On the other side of the world, there’s another Australian living an island life. In search of creative inspiration, photographer Claire Lloyd relocated to…

This Island Life | Andrew Mamo Photography

This River Life

Sydney-based artist Andrew Mamo has turned his daily ferry commute into a cool photography project.  Using nothing but his iPhone4, Andrew captures life on…

Walking Drawings

Who hasn’t drawn marks or doodles in the sand while at the beach using a stick or even their big toe? British artist Everton…

Sydney through the lens

Sydney’s Head On Photo Festival will soon be over, but there’s still plenty of great events to enjoy. With more than 200 events spread…

Vogue visits Zanzibar

Shot on the Island of Zanzibar in East Africa by Mario Testino for British Vogue, this colourful editorial has got us ready to do…

Hengki Koentjoro

Ironically, I bought this Hengki Koentjoro piece before I went to Indonesia, but I’ll tell ya the $90 FedEx bill was well worth it….

Trail Blazers by Mario Testino

I was sitting in the cigarette scented internet room at Loki Hostel in Cusco, recovering from a three-day trek to Machu Picchu that has left me too traumatised to attend spin class (only go downhill mountain biking in Peru if you have a death wish), when my stepdad emailed through this Mario Testino editorial featuring his homeland.