Short Shorts

Short shorts

Now I’m not one to create alarmism, but with summer in Australia almost here, I feel it’s my duty to warn the men in your lives. Board short lengths are on the rise, along with the fear of knee exposure amongst the male population. Now I know what you’re thinking. Real boardies cover the knee. You can surf in them, ride your pushy down to the beach in them, heck — you can even head up to the pub for a beer in them. But this season short shorts are here to stay, so it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in the foetal position on a change room floor. Come on. What’s the worst that could happen — that people will see you have knees? Well, I guess you could find yourself on the Dads in Short Shorts blog.

As the founder of THIS ISLAND LIFE, Laura is an expert on all things summer. When she's not at home in Sydney, she's chasing the warm-weather to exotic destinations across the globe.

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