MBFWA – Day Three


On day three we discovered that inspiration comes in many forms. Bec & Bridge turned to the islands of the Mediterranean for their collection, Alice McCall drew on Eastern European traditions and Kym Ellery used a teddy bear as a muse. If you think that sounds a bit unusual, wait until you see the latest trend that’s being led by international blogger Bryan Boy.

Bec & Bridge.

Forget slide night, this is how you share your travels. Inspired by a trip to the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri, the girls behind the label transported us to the Mediterranean with the launch of their new collection Paradiso Bianco. With a lush vertical garden as the backdrop, models sashayed down the runway in luxe Bianca Jagger inspired resort wear that would fit right in with the jet set crowd. Loose tailored shorts, wide-leg pants, flowing dresses, sheer tops and pant suits had us dreaming of balmy summer nights. Models’ hair was left loose in low tousled buns and skin had a glossy sheen as if they’d just come from a light tanning session at the beach. I think we’ve  just discovered our next vacay spot.

Images courtesy of Jessie Dang and Vogue.

Alice McCall.

Alice McCall looked to Eastern Europe for the inspiration behind her Babooshka titled collection. Using a mix of prints and pastels, the pieces played out a strong folk theme through the use of embodied motifs, cotton voile lace, scalloped edging and sheer panelling. Milkmaid braids and dolls mouths completed the look and gave the show a romantic feel. This is one collection that’s going to be popular on the party circuit next summer.

Images courtesy of Vogue.


Kym Ellery used her childhood teddy bear as the muse behind her latest collection named Delicatessen (after her teddy). Circular shapes, exaggerated shoulders and oversized frills paid homage to the bear using a variety of fabrics that included silk, suede and tulle. Ellery bypassed the traditional colours for spring and summer, instead choosing a dramatic palette of deep raspberry, forest green and shiny black. In an industry where designers often follow trends, it’s nice to see that some still set their own.

Images courtesy of Vogue.


Bryan Boy, one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world has been rocking his veiled beanie by Jil Sander all week. This shit is fashion cray cray.

Images courtesy of Katherine is Awesome and @bryanboy on Twitter.

What I wore.

Images by Jessie Dang.






WITTNER wedges.

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